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IntelliJacks System

What Our Clients are Saying

"Hitching, unhitching and leveling were the only things we really disliked about camping and now with IntelliJacks even that chore is enjoyable.  It's comforting to know that if I ever need to, I can do it all by myself.  I can't imagine being without it."

JoAnn Carden — Winchester, CA

"This is the best thing since hot buttered popcorn! I love the fact that I don't have to hold buttons and can do other things while IntelliJacks is doing its thing. I'm not sure how you guys get IntelliJacks to do it, but we love it."

John Bevier — Lake City, MI

Available For Any 5th Wheel

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If you're traveling with a 5th wheel, you might as well do it with the right equipment.

Hitch, Un-hitch & Level Your RV Trailer Within Minutes
— Trouble Free — Safely! —
Revolutionary new product — IntelliJacks — Saves Time!
100% Lifetime Guarantee

At An Unbelievable Low Price

Why spend thousands of dollars on a leveling system with no hitch and un-hitch function when you can own IntelliJacks for just a few hundred? You need to ask yourself, how often do I need to level side to side and is it worth thousands of dollars more? IntelliJacks comes direct from the manufacturer or from one of our growing network of dealers, at one low price of $295. Soon this patented product will be fitted on every new 5th wheel RV Trailer. It's already started with Crossroads factory installation on their popular Cruiser and Rushmore lines. But you don’t have to wait, or re-buy an RV! Let our clients tell the story about how this unique product delivers. Or read what this RVer says:

"Finally got time to install the unit this weekend and it works great!  What a time and effort saver. Finally a leveling accessory that does exactly what it says and is worth every penny…"
— Richard Heberlein

Need more proof?

Just see “What Our Clients Say”. Thousands exist!
Easy to Install — Easier to Operate

Why waste time hitching, un-hitching & leveling your RV trailer? Enjoy your vacation! Mount IntelliJacks firmly on the side or front of any 5th wheel. IntelliJacks does the work. With one press of a button, IntelliJacks will automatically move you’re 5th wheel to the exact position to connect and disconnect from your truck, level front to back, and retract the legs for travel. Flashing lights guide you through the process. IntelliJacks will do it for you, while you sit in your lawn chair. Sound like the trouble-free installation you want? Control panel fits easily in any compartment. System prevents damage from retraction.

You Need IntelliJacks! It’s a unique RV Trailer Product to simplify your vacation time.
Your 100% Guarantee!

No problems! No Worries. Your unit is 100% guaranteed for your trailer’s lifetime. Long as you own it, full replacement is available. Anytime! ADS – this revolutionary RV product’s inventor – stands behind you all the way. It wants you to enjoy your time out, not be troubled by the unexpected. Not satisfied! Just return within 30 days. We’ll refund the entire purchase price. Parts problems later? We’ll also replace them for as long as you own your 5th wheel. You have everything to win; nothing to lose.

Do Guarantees get any better? Time to order IntelliJacks? Or need to know more….Read On! It only gets better!
You'll Be Unique!

Be this happy client! He tells it like it is with this unique RV leveling product:

"The leveling system is absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!! What a pleasure to tap just one button and not have to stand there and hold it in..."
— Ken Burkhalter, Chelsea, MI
  • No more straining, bending or kneeling….like your fellow campers to adjust trailer legs. Pull up a lawn chair!
  • No more jumping into and out of truck cabs to check if the height is right for connect or disconnect.
  • No more worries about bubble levels to determine if your 5th wheel is level. Bubble level is locked in memory.
  • Your IntelliJacks controller does all the work!
  • Just press a button and walk away.

An amazing NEW RV product! It means no more struggling to level that trouble-some 5th wheel and gooseneck hitch:

  • Your RV Trailer will be level within minutes while others are still working!
  • Spend more time enjoying your vacation!
  • And a PLUS! You eliminate costly damage to hitch and trailer from retraction!
Your Cost — Low! Very Low!

Check it! Competitors charge $3,900 and more – for any comparable leveling system. IntelliJacks is inexpensive! And it works! For less! Much Less! Thousands of satisfied IntelliJacks users tell us – will tell you -- they wouldn't part with it. Since 2007, there’s only been one customer return. They claim it’s the best RV buy they ever made since they moved into the 21st Century. It’s as simple to operate as using your remote to change the TV channel, or raise the garage door. And that you know how to use! All for a few hundred bucks!

Buy an IntelliJacks to be surprised. Also learn about low-cost add-ons like side-to-side leveling, if you need it.
The IntelliJacks RV Leveling System
Simple Technology

No need to be a “Techie” to install IntelliJacks!. Simple installation kit delivers everything you’ll ever need to do it like a pro. And any problems ADS is just a toll-free call away. It’s open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Any problems we can’t handle, we’ll co-ordinate your installation with your local dealer or service center.

You install it 1x only! After that, all instructions are locked in memory. Works even if you lose battery power. Your connect and disconnect leveling positions become correct every time, no matter how lumpy the terrain. Plus, IntelliJacks wiring ties into existing landing gear motor(s) and wiring on almost any trailer. See sidebar for RV Trailer models it fits . No additional hardware demanded.

BONUS: More IntelliJacks instruction guides on-line, all the time. Download User Guides & Manuals” for easy PDF downloading.

For "Techies" a few more up-front details: Installation kit includes all the wires and connectors. Detailed installation guide filled with diagrams. One-time calibration for Disconnect and Level. Proprietary tilt sensor technology makes it all work, and keeps the disconnect and level positions correct every time regardless of terrain. Forget the bubble level; it’s also stored in memory.

IntelliJacks Installation Package
Our “Be Like Jim” Affiliate Program!

More amazement! We didn’t ask for them. They came to us! Satisfied customers started asking if we had an affiliate programs. Just click the Be Like Jim Program on the sidebar. His story tells it all. Make money while you travel, vacation, or enjoy your new RV trailer product. And win more camper friends! And your new business has tax benefits too! That’s how and why we started the affiliate program. Interested? We’re interested in hearing from you.

Take the First Step in Getting Started

RVers who say they couldn't do with out it, one low, low price, a 100% guarantee with no small print, more free time on your vacation, safety – plus all the amazing benefits above. What more can we say about our RV Trailer leveling system to have you try it? Give us a call. Or contact us.

And “Oh Yes!” Delivery is fast. Your leveling headaches could end within days !